Thanksgiving Foods: A Ranking

Ah, Thanksgiving. The time we all sit around a table underneath a chandelier, enjoy a plethora of foods that we literally eat once a year and give thanks. We also scoff at the thought of being around our families, fight over politics (WHY did you vote for Trump?!!), and pretend to care about football. LOVE it. I literally look forward to it every year. I even look forward to working on Black Friday (barely). In lieu of talking about the political smackdowns and how I had to work at 1am, I’ve decided to focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving: the food. The following is the only ranking that counts…duh duh DUH.

  1. Coming in hot at #1 is the green bean casserole. Green bean casserole truly does not get the respect it deserves. It’s my preferred method of eating green beans. Seriously, though, it’s literally green beans, French’s onions (which, by the way, are the bomb), and mushrooms. I look forward to it the most out of everything.
  2. Stuffing. I love nothing more than Stove Top stuffing. It’s so basic and takes minutes to make. The taste is unlike anything. The only way to ruin it is by adding in some form of nut or raisins. Especially raisins. Please, never ever do that.
  3. Gravy. Ok, so, this isn’t actually a dish. It’s an underrated accessory to the meal that could very well be considered a dish if you’re into it. I would drink this. It comes in a BOAT. Can the turkey say that it gets to chill in a yacht? Nope. Gravy, I heart you.
  4. Cranberry sauce. This dish is a must. Thanksgiving foods are typically pretty salty, so the cranberry sauce is needed to even it out. This is one dish that I really appreciate and have no shame in going for seconds or thirds. It’s a sugary fruit in a salty world.
  5. Pumpkin pie. I consider myself a fan of this dessert, but it’s only good if it has whipped cream. I feel like maybe it should be able to stand alone sans a sugary topping but nope. I still love it.
  6. Turkey. Many Americans gather around the table to enjoy this non-flying bird. It’s great and yummy, but I honestly don’t look forward to it. It doesn’t add much to the meal and it’s way over-hyped. I’d rather eat ham. It also takes FOREVER to cook, so I’ve decided that I’ll be getting Bob Evans carry-out if I ever make a Thanksgiving dinner in my lifetime.
  7. Sweet potato anything. Sweet potatoes are okay. I have no clue what they even are, but I eat them once a year so I don’t tend to research them. I heard that they aren’t yams, yet on this can of yams in my kitchen, it says they are. This food is far too mysterious for me so it’s rounding out this list.

Rank your Thanksgiving foods below! I know, I said this list is the only legit one but I’m willing to hear differing opinions.



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