Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic Review

I’ve been a longtime fan of Bruno Mars. I’m not the type to have ALL of his albums, but I do own two and I absolutely adore them. He first broke into the mainstream pop scene with “Just the Way You Are” and he broke hearts instantly. With his charming voice and smile, he was irresistible. The pop world ate him up and the hits just kept coming.

Mars strikes me as a pop historian. I’m a huge pop music fan, so his sound really resonates with me. He has this ability to take you back in time to different eras of pop music. While his sound has always been rather classic pop, this album solidifies his place a pop historian and his classic sound.

“24K Magic” is an album I’ve been jamming to nonstop since it came out and with one listen you’ll see why.

The album’s title track was predicted an instant hit. Its 70s vibe reminded me of his 2014 hit, Uptown Funk. You’re immediately hooked with the first few lyrics of the song. It’s not even the best song on the album, which is the best part. Singles are supposed to give you almost a feel for what to expect and, occasionally,  the best song is the single– not in this case.

“Chunky” is the second track on the album. “If you ain’t here to party then take your ass back home” sings Mars. Reminiscent of 60s and 70s songs featuring female background vocalists responding to Mars’ lyrics.

“Perm” takes one back to the days of James Brown. With shouting, speaking, and “OW!” the James Brown influence is undeniable.

“That’s What I like” is typical romantic Bruno Mars with a hint of 90s influence. Mars sings about luxury over a steady R&B beat on this personal favorite.

Did someone call Babyface? Bruno sings over a piano in an early 90s era jam. I get serious Whip Appeal vibes in this slow jam–“Versace on the Floor.” Sing it to me, Bruno!

In “Straight Up & Down,” Mars gets all 90s boy-bandish on us. His stunning voice and sexy-romantic lyrics remind me of Boyz II Men. The occasional rifts are everything.

Holy shit, it’s Halle Berry. In “Calling All My Lovelies,” Mars calls out the women who have ever left him waiting because the superstar has, apparently, a lot of women waiting for him. The almost heartbreaking slow jam is a sure favorite. The lyrics are addicting as is the melody. Halle Berry appears, but sends Bruno Mars to voicemail. Ouch!

“Finesse” is the eighth banger on the album. This song is pure 90s. The beginning is reminiscent of “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe. It nearly feels like it was performed by a 90s R&B group. I am completely addicted.

Mars returns to his romantic roots with “Too Good To Say Goodbye.” I can’t pinpoint what decade this is alluding to, but the melody is similar to an 80s power ballad. Classic.

This album gets a 9.5/10 rating from me because it’s incredible and pop lovers will absolutely eat it up. I just wish it had more than 9 songs. What’d you guys think? Comment below!bm


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