The New Social Media

Social media is incredibly important to me. I’m able to connect with people I would not have been able to otherwise. I cringe when “old” people put it down and act like it isn’t important or an “acceptable” form of communication. I believe in it, firmly. It has evolved, as all technologies should, and I find issue with some of it. (I’ve seen most change with Twitter so this will focus on the site.)

I like to think of myself as one of Twitter’s first users (I joined May 2009). In 2009, Twitter was FAR from what it was today. Its user-ship was mainly for business, brands, and public figures. People didn’t really know how to use it. I can remember it being described as a blog with a 140-character limit.

Then, more people discovered Twitter and the creators made it user-friendly. You could engage with people who shared your interest and escape from the locality that Facebook had to offer. I post things on Twitter that I would never post on Facebook, like many hardcore Tweeters do. It’s a totally different forum and audience.

People discuss politics, music, shows, news, etc. It’s great, I love it. You get the point. I do have issues with it, though. I personally believe it has gotten so big that it has taken over our lives to the point that it is affecting our moods.

It can be so negative that we exit the app angrily or annoyed. I have taken social media “breaks” several times because it becomes toxic and damaging. How do we fix this? I’m not sure if we even can. Putting a cap on negativity and lowkey trolling could potentially infringe on our first amendment rights.

The social media addiction, I suffer from and so many others suffer from, is damaging. Sometimes it affects the way I think, as well.

I love social media, but its development has a strong impact on society.



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