Obsession: Tyler Shields

I’m currently learning about photography in my multimedia class. It’s a much more complex topic than one would think. It isn’t just snapping an image and walking away; it’s taking the time and readjusting settings and angles for the perfect image. I’m far from a professional, personally, but I’m working on getting better.

When I learn about something, I like to actually LEARN about it and do some research. I know of TONS of photographers, but I’m digging the ones who don’t just capture an image but create the image. One that has been on my radar for a couple years has been Tyler Shields. His work is modern, contemporary, interesting, and sometimes uncomfortable. I enjoy seeing his interpretations of Hollywood, luxury, current events, and colors. The following are some of my favorite images:





Tyler Shields, age 34, is relatively new and is known as “Hollywood’s favorite photographer.” He gained notoriety for his series featuring a bloody Lindsay Lohan. He calls himself an “image maker.” Shields formerly worked closely with skateboarder Tony Hawk and directed music videos, which is where he got his start in the visual world. He was originally an inline skater and did not attend college.

Books: The Dirty Side of Glamour (2014) and Provocateur (2016)

Films: Final Girl (2015)

Website: www.tylershields.com




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