Let’s Get Political


2016 is a very critical year for obvious reasons. Brangelina ended which is a national tragedy. Also, the presidential election is a pretty big deal. I mean, so much is at stake for not only the next four years but for the next SEVERAL years. At this point, we’ve all drawn that conclusion and now here we are– weeks away from electing the leader of this country (I’ll miss you Obama). 
After more than a year of this craziness, we have boiled it down to two candidates: a racist and sexist rich dude who can’t seem to explain how he plans to “make America great again” other than with “I can do it!!” and obnoxious hand gestures; and Hillary Clinton, a powerful highly qualified woman who CAN verbalize her plans for the country. Flawed? Yes, but qualified.
For more than a year, I have been the most annoying person on probably everyone’s newsfeed on Facebook. I’m very opinionated and passionate about social issues, which this election has very much been about. My opinion has gotten me into trouble with family members and friends.
It’s incredibly safe to guess that much of my discern has been towards Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump (I feel sick). I honestly hate him. I think he is incredibly unfit for the presidency. I’m young, but I can’t remember learning about a president who spent his entire campaign hurling insults at not only his opponents but regular people based on race, gender, religion, and ability ever in a history class. He also lacks knowledge on foreign policy and has joked about using nuclear weapons (UMM).
I find it ludicrous (not like the rapper) when people say they like him because he’s “not a politician” yet here he is running for the highest seat in American politics (OH MY GOSH). He’s highly unprepared, uninformed, and inexperienced and he’s THIS close to being president of the most powerful country in the world. For any other job that would barely get your resume looked at. We should all find it very telling when ZERO living presidents have endorsed him. They have a preeeetty good understanding of how the whole president job works.
Longtime Republicans and conservative publications have dissed the Donald by either saying that can not vote for him or by endorsing Secretary Clinton. In a huge shock, USA Today’s editorial board UNANIMOUSLY called Trump “unfit” for the presidency. That paper has never taken sides or done that for a presidential election.
There’s a discourse between the press and politicians and the American people, I think. This man still gets votes and decent polling numbers even after powerful and once  influential forces have come out against him. I can’t put my finger on it, but I believe it has to do with trust.
Many Americans just no longer trust the press and politicians and they view Donald Trump as the alternative to all of that. I absolutely disagree with everything he stands for and how they possibly feel, but I’m able to see how he may appeal to them.
I will always despise Donald Trump because he is a vile person, but his support points to a larger issue in politics for me.



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