Being 20…

20 is an age that I feel isn’t appreciated enough.  You’re already technically an adult, yet you can’t do a few “adult” things (legally).  It’s a weird age, but as a 20-year-old, myself, I’ve come to see it as a pivotal age.

“It’s the year of just realizing stuff.”- Kylie Jenner, philosophical genius

Kylie’s quote from her app has become quite a meme, but I can’t help but TOTALLY agree with it. She was talking about 2016, which happened to be the year I turned the big 2-0.

Anyone above the age of 20 is doing one of two things at this whole blog topic: rolling their eyes or reminiscing about their days as a 20 year old.  I’m about to get to the epicenter of this whole post, so depending on your overall reaction maybe you’ll keep reading. Maybe not.

It’s such a pivotal age for me because of all the change that this year has brought alone.  I don’t totally feel like an “adult-adult,” but I felt like a determined woman who had the power to make some tough decisions. That, to me, is a milestone on the journey to “adult-adult.”

I left behind a toxic relationship, put myself out there and met a few great guys, joined (and quit) a gym, excelled at work and school, and even learned how to save money (a work in progress).  I’m still working on bettering myself, but I realized issues that were holding me back.  I’m also still realizing what I want in terms of my education and overall future.

Are these things that could happen and will happen at any age? Of course, but 20 feels different to the 19 other ages I’ve experienced.


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