How to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe for Fall!

The most important week in fashion has arrived: New York Fashion Week! On the topic of fashion, I thought it’d be ~cool~ to explore some ways to keep your wardrobe looking fresh for Fall because you can’t live in sleeveless forever :(.  A pretty fun way to begin is to perform a closet cleanout.  This will take up time, so set aside a few hours (or days).  This is where you discover all the clothes you totally forgot you owned! Fun!

Now, because you forgot you even owned these items, it’s safe to assume that you didn’t miss them and you won’t miss them when you get rid of them.  Have some trash bags ready and start throwing them in the bag. Adios!

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do with them, but I HIGHLY suggest donating them or selling them. Most college students are strapped for cash, so every dollar helps. I personally prefer donating them because selling your clothes is time-consuming and the pay isn’t worth it.  You’d probably feel better donating them somewhere.  I drop off bags of old clothes to Goodwill a few times a year.

After you’ve cleared out all the clothes you don’t need, you now have room for new trendy clothes! We’re reaching the end of Summer, which means that it’s already Fall in retail. Now is the time to check out the previews of the Fall collections at your favorite stores. Before heading out, take a peek at your email for sales alerts and coupons.  Also, being a student has its perks so bring your student ID, just in case of student discounts.

If you’re more into online shopping, sign up for UNiDAYS with your school email! They’ll send you alerts and automatically hook you up with discount codes at stores like ASOS, Apple, and ModCloth.

Making it a habit to clean out your closet will free up space, keep you looking fresh, and make you feel organized. These are my personal tips; what are yours?


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